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Launceston, 7250
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Ben Booth

Sassafras Veneer Strips, Brads Over Armature, Pine Batten System, Flex-ply, Block Laminated Ends, Estapol
430mm (h) X 2120mm (w) X 650mm (d)

This sculpture is one of a series of designs that looked at devices that enable humanity to adapt to harsher environments, those beyond the ones that we usually reside in. Vicissitude is based on the shape of a sleeping bag. Ben used the dimensions of his shoulders as a beginning point to create the negative space in the work.

Ben is interested in challenging the viewer to come up with their own ideas about how they relate to his work. This sculpture doesn’t tell a specific story or present an aspect of humanity or history and through this it allows each person to bring his or her own interpretation to the work.