Mode is the 2015 graduate exhibition from the School of Furniture students from the University of Tasmania.

This exhibition exudes the high standard of work achieved by the University students, showcasing the exceptional and diverse range of work informed by design practices learned at the School of Furniture, Launceston Tasmania.

Exhibited at the Design Tasmania Centre as part of the Summer in Design showcase, graduate exhibitors and emerging designers Scott van Tuil, Geoffrey Marshall, Lewis Edwards, Yann Godillon, Zachary Crossley, Shafiq Shahrin, Mohammed M. Nadzri have bestowed strong links to narrative upon their furniture that has originated from personal experiences. These stories have lent the designers innovative experiences and creative leverage that has lead each maker to express their individual identity through design.

The University of Tasmania School of Furniture has gained a reputation for fostering fresh design talent and producing work of exceptional quality. The graduate exhibition for 2015 - titled MODE – is no different, this exhibition showcases originality and remarkable craftsmanship.

The exhibition runs from Nov 27- Fedruary 2016 at Design Tasmania Centre. The opening of MODE began with floor talks from each of the designers, giving an insight and a reason behind their design, as seen in the photos.