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15 January - 21 February 2021

Design Tasmania, in partnership with Mona Foma, is proud to present PLAY, an exhibition where up-cycled and recycled textiles are transformed into precious objects and the plastic possibilities of bio materials are explored. In this exhibition, spontaneity clashes with intent to realise a kind of resourcefulness that gets back in touch with the authenticity of making.

Design Tasmania presents leading and emerging Australian designers overcoming stasis through design thinking. We invite audiences to join them in their processes of adaptation through social and collaborative recreation.

Let's PLAY.

Information about the works on display for this exhibition is available in the Design Tasmania PLAY Guide.

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Presented in association with Mona Foma 2021.
Curated by Claire Beale.
Image credit: Courtesy of Mycelium Studios 2021.

The Exhibition

PLAY is an exhbition that allows us to explore the impossible. Play in youth education programs was inaugurated in the early 19th century concept of Kindergarten as an essential part of developing "physical, intellectual and moral powers of all children" (Wilderspin, Samuel 'The Infant System' 1832).

"The opposite of play isn't work: it's boredom"
–Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play (US)

Playing with materials is a form of synthesising insight– the isolation of COVID has had the unexpected impact of becoming a sandbox for creative ideas: PLAY gives a platform to the articulation of the curiosity and problem solving that has come out of this historic shift in our collective consciousness.