Design Tasmania
Corner of Brisbane and Tamar streets
Launceston, 7250
+61 3 6331 5506

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White brand mark composed of triangles framing a circle that form a square. Moving fluidly in and out of frame.


Brand Update

To showcase the 45th Anniversary Campaign programme and beyond, Design Tasmania is unveiling a new suite of organisation branding by Tasmanian designer Megan Perkins.

Megan is the daughter of celebrated Tasmanian designer Kevin Perkins whose Cape Barren Goose Cabinet is arguably the most iconic piece in the Design Tasmania Wood Collection. A designer in her own right, Megan is the former Lead Designer and Art Director for DarkLab (Dark Mofo), and is now a Branding, Communication Design & Strategy Consultant, recently receiving multiple distinctions for her branding and packaging at the Australian Graphic Design Awards. In addition Megan is also an accomplished jewellery designer and won the Design Tasmania Award in 2016.

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Embrace our roots
Evoking Tasmania’s distinct character – framed by our isolation, our rolling mountains and ocean – to develop a solution that speaks to our iconic architecture and our pivotal role as the centre for design.

A modular system
Designed to emphasise our design talent and our people. Recognisable in all contexts; whether functioning as signage in the gallery or promoting an exhibition.

White geometric logo featuring the words 'Design Tasmania' and two triangles framing a circle to form a square.

Grey flyers featuring Tasmanian designed objects on a white background, framed by letters made from a modular triangle based typeface.

Sandstone and aluminium signage mockup for the Claudio Alcorso Courtyard.

Bold visual cues
Let people know about our new shows with a flexible and playful system that provides infinite opportunity to experiment with our event promotions and keep it fresh.