450(H) x 400(W) x 2000(L) mm

Made by Paul Mineur


The Forest Bench was designed by Peter and manufactured by Paul Mineur, a respected designer and manufacturer in his own right. The construction of the bench is comprised of 45 movable blocks of Huon Pine supported by a Myrtle frame structure that also doubles as the legs of the bench. In accordance with Peter's design philosophy, the bench is intended to evoke a sense of unity with the environment and to invite dialogue between people.


Peter has lived, worked and studied in North America, Europe and Australia. This experience on three continents helps explain his ‘whole world’ philosophy.  He ran a very successful furniture design studio for six years, placing several pieces in major museums and public institutions.  He also taught design for seven years at the University of Tasmania’s Centre for the Arts.  Peter has now chosen to concentrate on sculptural pieces using only hand tools.  The sculptures continue to explore the same themes addressed by his earlier benches.

“The questions I posed to myself and tried to answer with the benches are still the same questions I pose today.”

In 1991 Adams purchased Windgrove, a property overlooking Roaring Beach in Tasmania’s south.  He has spent the ensuing years transforming the landscape through the planting of 8,800 trees and the creation of several large-scale Earth art features  These include the Peace Garden built to commenorate the Port Arthur massacre, the Peace Walk and upcoming Gaia Walk. Both walks are spread over a distance of approximately 2km on the property and a series of Peter’s benches are stationed at designated rest and meditation areas.  Re-vegetation of the site with native species is ongoing.

What I create I see as a living entity – an object to be viewed from or towards. And I don't mind that it will deteriorate and go back to the elements.

Born: 1946, Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

Training: Bachelor of Arts (History), Harvard University, 1968; Alaska Carpentry and Cabinet Making Center, Anchorage, 1971-1974; Master of Arts, Antioch University, 1981

Represented: Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; Museum and Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts; St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri; North Carolina Department of Commerce, Noth Carolina; Findhorn Foundation, Scotland; Tjibaou Cultural Centre, New Caledonia.