Fei Fei Feng (USA) Michelle Boyde (Tasmania)

14-23 September 2018

Design Tasmania Gary Cleveland Galleries

DREAM-design explores a more subliminal kind of ‘design thinking’ via the collected night-time dreams of women working in the design industry. The idea borrows from the socio-analytic practice of ‘Social Dreaming’, a way of working with dreams where the focus is on the dreams rather than the individual dreamer, with the purpose of exploring the socio-cultural meaning within dreams for any given group at a particular time.

To discover more about the hopes, anxieties, vision and opportunities for Women working in design in 2018, 43 dreams were collected over a 6 week period on a custom-built website identifying links between the dreams and common themes.

The resulting installation ‘Body Blanket, from Bedroom to Boardroom’ playfully responds to these by embedding the dreams and dream symbols of the participants onto fabric design, then transformed into garments and bedding designed to take women from the bedroom to the boardroom.

DREAM-design is a design project by artist and architect Fei Fei Feng (USA) and fashion and interior designer Michelle Boyde (Tasmania), commissioned by Design Tasmania for Women in Design 2018, and responding to the theme ‘how do we create an inclusive, well-informed culture of design’.

Special thanks to:
Karina Clarke and Design Tasmania for the commission, support and participation in the project
Professor Susan Long for working with us to distill the dreams
David Patman, Noah Pedrini, Alex Dixon (website) and Matt Warren (sound collation)
Stuart Houghton (garment rack fabrication)
Sabio Evans (assistance with garment construction)