Design Tasmania 2018 Summer Exhibition Program

Design Tasmania is excited to bring to you our Summer Exhibition Program. The Summer show will include three separate exhibitions: Design Discoveries, the 2018 Design Tasmania Award, and In Situ: University of Tasmania Launceston Furniture Design School Graduate Exhibition.


Design Discoveries

Design Discoveries is a mentorship program that enables contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal creatives to learn and adapt design thinking and iterative design processes to develop new modalities of practice. The masterclass held over two weekends brought together leading Aboriginal contemporary designers Alison Page and Lucy Simpson to help support and develop the individual’s capacity to build a sustainable design practice. The results of this first masterclass demonstrate the beginnings of a design process and how this is reflected in the individual’s practice.


The 2018 Design Tasmania Award

The Design Tasmania Award focuses on design excellence, innovation, and craftsmanship. Now in its 11th year, Design Tasmania is proud to support Tasmanian designer makers in their pursuit of a meaningful and successful practice. This is achieved through a range of distinct awards and prizes. The criteria for the Award are based on design innovation, appropriate use of materials and context, and the ability to go into production. Each category requires specific responses; however, the design outcomes need to reflect how the piece contributes, or indeed makes a difference to people’s lives.


In Situ: University of Tasmania Launceston Furniture Design School Graduate Exhibition

In Situ. This definition resonates with each of the featured designers’ passions for enhancing the home environment in their own individual ways. By creating a range of furniture and

objects that are ‘In Situ’, they are aiming to create an atmosphere through living spaces that evoke feelings of familiarity and home.


Design Tasmania’s Summer Program is an exciting opportunity to showcase both new designers and designers exploring new ideas or design practices.


Design Tasmania’s Summer Exhibition Program will open at 6pm on December 1st, 2017, running until February 18th, 2018.