ASPIRATIONS, ENGAGEMENT & FURTHER EDUCATION: A report on the influence of a real-world learning experience based on PRO PARADOX.

In 2017 the Autumn exhibition was a solo show of Kirsha Kaechele. Kirsha Kaechele is an American artist provocateur, curator, founder of Life is Art Foundation and KKProjects, and wife to David Walsh, owner of MONA, Museum of Old and New Art, in Hobart, Tasmania.

The exhibition, titled PRO PARADOX, was an extensive body of work spanning years of her practice in both America and Australia and comprised of commissioned works and collaborations with a number of fellow practitioners. The installation occupied the entire Gallery and ran from March 3 – May 27 2017.

In line with her personal philosophy to engage and inspire young creatives that come from a lower socio-economic background, Kaechele invited students from Newstead College and The Big Picture School to participate in the performative and culinary parts of her installation.

This report is a summary of the findings based on feedback given by the participants from Newstead College including staff and students.


Find the report here.