1030(H) x 1030(Ø) mm Donated by Andy Skuja


This vessel encapsulates Brad’s characteristic investigations of texture in woodcarving. The Huon Pine from which the vessel is made has not been sanded or oiled; rather, it has been gouged to create its tactile ‘orange skin’ appearance. The vessel is crafted from a single piece of timber.

“My two passions in wood art are form and texture . . . if you rotate the sphere, you can see shadows that change its appearance; and in this transformation it becomes alive. I took great pleasure and joy from creating this piece.”


Brad, a highly acclaimed and respected wood artist, has been turning wood fulltime since 1985. He has studied and taught overseas and continues to push what is considered ‘the norm’ in the art of woodturning. Brad shows an understanding that allows the natural material to speak through it’s form, often working with green or unseasoned timber that then continues to change with seasons to reveal tension and create living works of art. The finish is often heavily textured, bashed, beaten and even burnt to reveal surfaces of exquisite detail and great intrigue.

Brad travels regularly to Japan, Europe and the USA to update his knowledge of traditional making techniques.

“My inspiration is drawn from a number of sources such as the Native American Potters, the Japanese Potters and the Chinese Potters for their simplicity and pure shapes. Ideas also come from the surface treatment found in the primitive tribal cultures from around the world. I find nature is the greater teacher when it comes to form, shape and texture.”

Born: 1955