Meet The Maker | Curator Floor talk with Dr. Julian Worrall

Join us for a floor talk with Japan: Archipelago of the House curator, Professor Julian Worrall.

Join us for a floor talk with Japan: Archipelago of the House curator, Professor Julian Worrall.

At Design Tasmania, Saturday August 31st at 1pm.

Design Tasmania in conjunction with Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania presents Japan: Archipelago of the House - an exhibition of contemporary Japanese architecture of the house and home.

Japan: Archipelago of the House as an exhibition presents an immersive understanding of these rich and varied environments. Rather than purified vessels of linear idealism, the exhibition reveals these buildings as lively and inhabited environments, thoroughly embedded in the lives of the people and places they serve.

Julian Worrall is an architect, writer, educator and scholar, Julian is Professor of Architecture at the University of Tasmania. He has contributed to many publications and exhibitions dealing with Japanese architecture globally, including with the MAK Vienna (2013); the Venice Architecture Biennale (2014, 2016); and the Museum of Modern Art New York (2016). He is the author of 21st Century Tokyo (2010), Kodansha International, Tokyo, 2010.

“For Australian audiences, this exhibition poses the question of the role of the house in Australian architecture and society. The private house is the nexus that connects issues of large-scale urban change, such as sprawl, densification, affordability and sustainability, with the personal and aspirational dimensions of taste, lifestyle, wealth and family. As in Japan, the private house is a key arena for the application of architectural energy in Australia, although no corresponding notion of the ‘Australian House’ has yet left a clear imprint in the global architectural imagination. It is hoped that this exhibition will lend inspiration both to the creators and inhabitants of our Australian dwellings, while deepening the understanding of those of Japan.”

–Dr. Julian Worrall



Image: © Emily Dimozantos