Exhibition July 24 - Nov 22

"I have curated a survey of my work to fill the beautifully light filled spaces of Design Tasmania, I placed the designs to either capture the natural light & allow the shadows to play with the negative space of some of the selected works, along with revealing just enough of the designs in the adjoining rooms, so that visitors feel curious to explore more." Helen Kontouris

Helen Kontouris' exhibition Material by Design was launched at the Design Center to celebrate her long standing success as a designer. Helen was a natural fit with the launch of the Women in Design Colloquium, having forged a decorated career with her organic, complex designs.

Helen Kontouris has been designing for over 13 years, now with her own furniture brand, Len, Helen is able to work with more artisans and craftspeople, allowing her precious time for design development and creating designs that are true to her core beliefs.

This new venture has given Helen time to understand more about materials and craft skills, "I can see how the formal language of my designs have developed, how linear hard edged geometries have transitioned to softer lines. The recent work is more voluminous and organic in its appeal. I think it is more feminine." Helen Kontouris

Helen Kontouris’s design work is imbued with a personal credo. While described as being feminine and sculptural her work is informed by a deep sense of responsibility to people and the environment. A keen observer of how people behave and interact with objects, Kontouris approaches her design work with clear intentions, she believes in designing products that can enhance our state of being through the artful negotiation of form and function.