Design Tasmania is excited to announce the 2016 Camp, from Friday Oct 28th - Monday 31st 2016. This year’s Camp has partnered with Spring Bay Mill at Triabunna.  Tickets now available to participate in this year’s event on the East Coast of Tasmania.

Over three days the Camp will immerse practitioners in the heart of this historical and industrial complex situated on the east coast of Tasmania. Spring Bay Mill has a plethora of changing landscapes and an aspiration to develop a sustainable future for this iconic destination. These adaptive settings evoke dynamic interactive environments that allow for a range of opportunities to explore new ideas, develop conceptual approaches and discuss ideas with other professionals.

Participants will connect with professional mentors in an environment uniquely engrained with a history and the prominence of an inspiring Tasmanian environment. Further details will follow shortly.

The brief for the Camp will form the basis of our participation in Ten Days on the Island 2017 and the successful design/s outcomes will be funded by Spring Bay Mill to be constructed and implemented on site up to a value of $2000.00 per work.




Images Parallels Design Camp 2015, Credit: Chris Crerar