80(Ø) x 255(L)mm


It is often said that good design is simple, and seldom is there a better example of this adage than these bookends. Patrick has answered the perennial question of how to preserve books in an ordered sense and yet have them easily available by a clever use of a split sphere and rod. Through using a range of beautiful timbers they compliment any décor. This appealing set performs gracefully with small collections and would sit with elegance on any executive desk.

“This was a time of geometric shapes – circles, triangles, squares . . . I was after a minimalist design; in this case a sphere, halved and brought together with a stainless steel rod.”


Patrick obtained an Associate Diploma (Wood) in 1987, followed by five years experience working as a cabinetmaker. In 1992 Patrick and Mieke Loncin-Senior established Indeco (a contraction of Innovative Design Company). Patrick designs and makes the Indeco range in their workshop in the Tamar River area, while Mieke takes care of marketing and packaging.

Indeco focuses on a range of kitchenware that includes ladles, cheese boards, pepper/salt/herb and spice mills. Distinguished by their clean lines and the absence of unnecessary detail, Patrick’s designs exhibit a rare balance between functionality, aesthetic appeal and affordability. Much of his work is notable for an absence of applied finishes, allowing the bare wood to be seen, felt and smelt.

“. . . I place great importance on creating clean simple designs without adornment or embellishment and seeking beauty from line and proportion.”

Born: 1952, Launceston, Tasmania

Training: Associate Diploma (Wood), Tasmanian State Institute of Technology, 1987