The following criteria will be used in the judging process:

1. Originality
* Is the design / concept original?
* Is the design solution informed by / build on prior solutions to the design problem or challenge?
* Has the designer presented a unique response to the brief?

2. Functionality
* Does the design perform its intended function or purpose?
* Does the design consider ergonomic / performance requirements specific to the category?
* Where relevant, does the design offer different accessibility / adaptability options for users?

3. Craftsmanship
* Has the design been well made and executed?
* Is the selection and application of materials considered and appropriate?
* Is the design outcome aesthetically pleasing?
* Does the design show traditional approaches to making within the discipline/ category?
* Is the unique hand / mark of the maker evident in the finished work? (eg. can the maker be identified through this work?)

4. Innovation
* Does the design product or solution represent new ways of approaching the specific design problem ?
* Does the design include the selection, use and application of new materials or processes?
* Will this design have the potential to shift our attitudes or inform a new direction in the discipline or category? Is this a game changer?

5. Sustainability
* Does the design outcome evidence the application of sustainability principles (eg. concept, materials selection and use, function, cost, accessibility, end of life etc)?
* Will the design product or outcome be easily adaptable, or contribute to existing systems or products in the marketplace?

6. Commercial Viability
* Does the design have a clearly identifiable market at the intended price point?
* Does the design satisfy a specific need or niche in the marketplace?
* Does the design offer a unique point of difference to its competitors?
* Can the design be quickly and easily reproduced or scaled up for larger production runs? How long is the turnaround?

7. Supports the Tasmanian Design Ecology
* Is the Designer resident in Tasmania?
* Did the Designer study in Tasmania?
* Was the Designer born in Tasmania?
* Does the designer make a positive contribution to their local network? Are they recognised by their peers or in the wider design community?

Entries Close October 3