2019 Awards by Discipline Categories

Furniture Design Award | $1000

Tasmanian furniture design has a global reputation for innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. Good furniture design brings together the designer’s understanding of design history, aesthetics and trends, and the mechanics of ergonomics and performance requirements, matched with a high level of technical skill and craftsmanship required to execute the concept in physical form.

This category is open to all types of furniture design, including domestic or commercial furniture, designs for furniture in public spaces, indoor and outdoor furniture,  workstations and customised working environments and more. The furniture design award is aimed at developing new furniture designs for national and international markets.

Both established and emerging designers are encouraged to enter with individual products and/or product ranges developed within Tasmania.

Jewellery Design Award | $1000

Tasmanian jewellery design projects a unique perspective in precious materials through an intrinsic connection to the physical environment and the modern aesthetic. The Jewellery Award celebrates the diverse talent of Tasmania-based jewellery designers and provides a platform to showcase their unique and imaginative pieces. Open to emerging and professional jewellers, designers are encouraged to present wearable items from brooches and earrings, to headpieces, cufflinks, bracelets and more.

Object Design Award | $1000

Object design encompasses a diverse range of materials and processes, however the unifying element within this category centres on product-based outcomes. Object designers respond to consumer trends and interests, taking into account both functional and aesthetic considerations, resulting in purposeful and elegant design solutions. Product design in this category should focus on ergonomic, functional and aesthetic aspects, human usage and behavior, and sustainable design practices.

Visual Communication Design Award | $1000

Communication design encompasses not only print but also digital or online media, where designers apply their understanding of text and image to best achieve strong messaging and visual impact. This category includes design of media campaigns, posters, books and other print-based publications, alongside web design and systems concepts, wayfinding and communication.

The award for Visual Communications applies to branding portfolios, art direction, event styling portfolios, experiential marketing and more. Presentations for consideration should come in the form of a photographic series documenting the project, short format video, an advertising campaign or tangible digital resource available for online submission.

Fashion and Textiles Design Award | $1000

Fashion and textiles design encompasses two elements; textile design which includes the design, development and production of material solutions for a range of applications, and those concerned with working directly on the body, considering functional and aesthetic aspects of design, with attention to the relationship to the human form. This category includes wearable items such as garments and accessories, and also textile products that enrich our lived environment, such as homewares, fabrics, wallpaper and so on.

Entry is open to Tasmania-based designers producing bespoke or one-off products, textile collections, industrial design products based on textiles, fashion or homewares.

Major Awards

Premier’s Award | Overall winner | $5,000

This new award will prove to be the most coveted within the program, expressing the best in contemporary design in Tasmania, across all disciplinary categories.

Winners of the awards from each discipline area are eligible for this overall recognition of design excellence.

Candidates for this award are selected from the shortlisted finalists in the other categories. Enter into one or more categories that apply to your design practice to be considered for this award.

Acquisitive Award | $2,500
The Design Tasmania Wood Collection (DTWC) contains exemplars of best practice in wood design and craftsmanship. Established in 1990, the DTWC is the largest public collection of its type in the world. Founded by Gary Cleveland, the collection began with ten items of furniture and has since expanded to include small objects, household items and the decorative arts. Acquisitions to expand the collection are made annually with the support of our private donors and Fellows Program. Successful acquisitions set the bar for quality in craftsmanship, originality, innovation and are, of course, Tasmanian designed and made from wood.

Design for Impact Award | $2,500

At Design Tasmania, we believe design makes the difference to all, not just a privileged few. The Design for Impact award recognizes those design projects or products that show the potential to make an impact in our community – either through innovative and efficient use of materials and processes including cradle to cradle principles, or new approaches to design and design thinking that create benefit to underrepresented areas of our community.

Importantly, we promote the principles of sustainability in design practice and business—we encourage designers to consider the impact of their design decisions, use of materials and processes, and solutions in holistic ways.

This category seeks to award outstanding Tasmanian design products and projects by an organisation, group or individual. All design projects demonstrating a consideration and application of sustainable design approaches and make a positive environmental impact are eligible to enter.

Emerging Designer Award | $2,500

TheEmerging Designer award recognizes designers within the first five years of their professional practice, providing opportunity for them to gain support through mentoring, studio access and other benefits. Tasmanian design talent stands up on the global stage, and it is our intention to highlight the abilities of one emerging designer (or design studio) who shows the potential to succeed in their design discipline, to or have an impact on the design community through innovation, creativity and technical ability.

This category is open to designers, architects, studios and creatives working in any design discipline. The candidate must be living and working in Tasmania currently and be less than five years into their professional practice, including current design students.

Retail Award | $2,500
Design Tasmania’s Retail Store showcases the best of Tasmanian designer makers and artisans. This award recognizes the product that is most commercially ready and viable, being not only the best of its class or type, but also suitable for our market in terms of competitive price point, method of production and packaging and presentation.

Our retail team are seeking new products that enhance or complement the in-store portfolio and have not previously been offered for sale at Design Tasmania