Design Tasmania celebrated the 25th Year of the Wood Collection with an exhibition showcasing the entire 71 exquisitely made designs. Design Tasmania is marking this 2016 milestone with the acquisition of the 72nd work by internationally recognised Tasmanian born designer, Brodie Neill.

Brodie Neill, Made in Ratio founder, was honoured to have his Alpha Chair join such an exemplary collection. The chair was announced and revealed by  Sir Guy Green on September 2nd 2016 at Design Tasmania in Launceston.

Sir Guy Green's Speech

The exhibition is open to everyone from September 2nd until November 22.

The Wood Collection, originally known as the Tasmania Wood Design Collection, was established in 1990, with the organisation acquiring the first works to create the foundation of what would become the most exceptional wood design collection.

Gary Cleveland, Founder of Design Tasmania, held numerous wood design exhibitions, resulting in the selection of ten items, initiating the collection. The successful acquisitions set the bar for quality craftsmanship, originality of design and for each work to be based on wood.

“What is the point of doing something if nobody knows about it?” This was Gary’s guide to finding a way to gain recognition to what was being achieved in Tasmania. The collection was born and the impressive collection of contemporary woodwork was toured around the world, exhibiting in Hobart, Launceston, Sydney, Canberra, New York, Germany, Sweden, Finland and China and currently lives at Design Tasmania in Launceston.

When the Wood Collection returned home, it needed a place of permanence that was accessible to everyone, a place of exceptional beauty to match that of the collection, triggering the initiation of what would become an award winning architecturally designed exhibition space at Design Tasmania.

“The Tasmanian Wood Design Collection acts as an exemplar to sustain the wood design industry in Tasmania, to inspire Tasmania and the world with the understanding of the potency of design, and to create an identity for Tasmania as a place of excellence in the world.”             Gary Cleveland, Founder Design Tasmania